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Iowa-Made, Born & Raised

As an Iowa native, I grew up in Norwalk and graduated from Ankeny. I have always been a busy person— mowing lawns and shoveling driveways when I was younger. I would ride my bike through neighborhoods and watch city workers— helping out by handing them their tools as they worked.

My step dad was a multi-million dollar home builder, and had been building for over 30 years. My mother was a realtor, both of them self-employed and hardworking. Watching them work 24/7, I had never known any other life than working hard. Until I was roughly 21, I worked for my parents and stopped when they ended up not building any more after 2008.

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Our Company

We grew our passion for building from them and worked to receive a college-level education in woodworking. Now, we are at our 7th location at a little under 20,000 sq ft factory of our own business, starting in a 700 sqft garage in Norwalk, Iowa. Iowa Barn Door has some of the best tooling money can buy.

With our 20+ years of woodworking experience in building, We take a large amount of pride in our work! Iowa Barn Door has the ability to build over 200 shuffleboard tables per year, but stick close to 50 or so for a small batch, high-quality finish. The tables are built from only the highest quality, kiln dried materials and are usually done in a rustic grade for our cabinets and select or better on our playing surface. We have the ability to produce almost any game table, but we specialize in shuffleboard tables. Having built 225+ tables to date, we donate the proceeds from every 100th table to a local cause.

At Iowa Barn Door, we always send samples to your home for every order and are included at no cost!

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